One of the ways the HR Symposium supports the growth and development of our profession is by recognizing excellence. For many years, we recognized excellence in our field through a formal award nomination and selection process.  Over time, however, our “formal” awards program became one of the lower-scoring items from our post-event surveys.  We realized that this feedback wasn’t a suggestion to stop recognizing excellence overall, but that rather our formal nomination and award process was no longer hitting the mark.  We realize, however, that formal awards are just one way to recognize excellence.  We recognize excellence through our program, our speakers, our networking activities, and of course, by supporting the best and brightest who represent our future. 

While we have therefore decided to sunset our “formal” awards program, we still want to hear from you about the great work going on in our profession. 

Who is:

  • Innovating in some interesting and impactful ways
  • Solving complex business issues
  • Driving positive change

Let us know by sending a simple email to and we’ll take it from there. 

Maybe we’ll share their accomplishments from the stage.  Maybe we’ll ask them to join our HR Symposium Exchange to share their experience with interested participants over lunch?  Maybe we’ll ask them to join our panel?  Regardless, we remain committed to supporting the growth and development of our profession.   

Thanks for your support!

Past Winners of HR Symposium Awards of Excellence