2018 HR Symposium: The Rise of Character-Driven Organizations and Their Impact on Business Success

Thursday, April 5, 2018  |  7:30am  |  Santa Clara Convention Center

For more than 30 years, human resources experts have been coming together to share expertise, build community, and propel our profession forward. Please join us again at the upcoming 2018 HR Symposium on April 5, 2018, at the Santa Clara Convention Center!

This year, our discussion will center around The Rise of Character-Driven Organizations and Their Impact on Business Success. Building an organization that focuses on always doing the right thing and taking the moral high ground seems like a no-brainer? Why, then, is it so challenging for some organizations and leaders to make that investment? What is the difference between a character-driven organization and one that is values-based? What does a character-driven organization look like, and what is the business return on that investment?

At the 2018 HR Symposium, we will explore what it means to work in a character-driven vs. values-driven organization, how leading with character shapes company culture, and Human Resources' role in guiding this cultural transformation. 

Our keynote presentation and the panel of HR leaders hail from premier Silicon Valley companies, and they are committed to keeping it real. You'll hear about the successes they've enjoyed, the challenges they've faced, and their perspectives on HR's responsibility for driving the focus on character. They will address key challenges and opportunities in this area, as well the innovative ways cutting-edge companies have created character-driven organizations. 


2018 Speakers

We have an incredible line-up of panelists and a brand new format for our keynote presentation. Stay tuned as we announce our exciting list of speakers.



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